Sometimes the SLO County Shelter gets an influx of animals that a few short-term foster homes can remedy. Also there is a need for fostering for shelter animals who might be recovering from an illness or are too young to be adopted.

If you are interested in providing foster care for animals from the Animal Shelter, you must complete an application at the Animal Services Department, and complete at least 6 hours of volunteer work there.

ASAP has developed and maintains a directory of local foster homes that can be called on to temporarily house animals from the shelter.

If you would like to keep a dog or cat in your home for a few days or weeks at a time, please call us at (805) 489-0689 and leave us a message with your name and number (spoken very clearly) and mention that you want to be a fosterer. You must be at least 18 years of age, living in San Luis Obispo County, and own your home or have written permission of your landlord to have pets. We will call you back as soon as we can to discuss the program in more detail.