Join the Pack is a grassroots effort to get visible ID's on every animal in the county so they don't wind up at the Pound.  Responsible pet owners ID their pets. 

We need your help. (Of course you have an ID on your pet, right!)

Here's what you can do now:

Whenever you see an animal without an ID you can talk to the owner about the life saving benefits of a visible ID, both to that animal and the rest of the animals at the Pound.  

Encourage everyone to put ID on their pet. A phone number on a collar counts as an ID.

You can direct people to the website for coupons to save money on ID tags.

We want everyone to Join the Pack of responsible pet owners.

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OUR MOTTO IS: If You Love ‘em, Tag ‘em!

It's the responsible thing to do.


Be a Responsible Pet Owner.

Put a visible ID on your Pet.  Spay or Neuter.

Adopt from the Shelter.  Never abandon your pet.