The 10 best reasons for Spay Neuter were killed in a shelter last year.

When funds are available, Animal Services will issue vouchers to dog and cat owners in order to defray a portion of the cost of spaying or neutering their pet. The issuance of these vouchers is intended to help promote responsible pet ownership and to help reduce the number of unwanted animal litters born in our community.

In order to effectively target those animals which contribute most significantly to San Luis Obispo County’s pet over-population problem, the issuance of vouchers will be restricted to cats from the North County and to Pit Bull dogs from throughout the county. The vouchers will have a dollar value of $60 for male cats, $80 for female cats, and $100 for Pit Bull or predominantly Pit Bull breed dogs. Pet owners may obtain vouchers at the Animal Services office, located at 885 Oklahoma Ave, near the intersection of Highway 1 and Kansas Avenue. Cat owners will be asked to present a current drivers license or other form of documentation indicating residence in one of the following zip codes:

93210    93422    93426    93432    93446    

93451    93453    93461    93465

Vouchers may be redeemed at any veterinary hospital around the county. A limit of 3 will be issued to any one household and all dogs are required to be licensed beforehand; licenses may be purchased from Animal Services at the same time the voucher is issued. Veterinarians will be asked to verify dogs are of an eligible breed at the time surgery is performed.

For more information, contact Animal Services at (805)781-4400

Woods Humane Society is providing nearly free ($10.00) spay neuter surgery for cats residing in Atascadero or Paso Robles.  Call Woods at 543-9316 to schedule an appointment.

Be a Responsible Pet Owner.